Bullseye Instant Real Lawn System

Real grass, real fast.
Save water, save time, get playing on an instant real lawn.


Special Blend Soil
Grown in a special blend of organic soil mix for premium quality.

Fully Established
Grass is already fully established on installation.

Available for all Musturf grass varieties and suitable for most areas.

75mm Soil
Harvested together with 75mm of its existing special blend organic soil.

New Lawn After Care
No need to water in for days after installation: save water, save our ecosystem.

Immediate Access
Get the kids, the dogs, invite the whole neighbourhood: you’re instantly play-ready!

Fully Established
Delivered and installed fully established and ready for action!

Real Turf
Harvested off the farm with 75mm of our special blend organic soil. It’s the luxury of an instant lawn ready for play, without the fake synthetics.

10-Year Product Warranty
With the Bullseye Instant Real Lawn System, you’re still covered by our Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA) Nationwide Product Warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! It’s freshly harvested direct from the Musturf turf farm.

Immediately! With the Bullseye Instant Real Lawn System your grass will be laid fully established.

Give your new instant real lawn a typical amount of water for an established lawn once after laying, and then only as regularly as you would normally a fully established lawn for your type of grass!

Almost everyone!
Homeowners: If you want instant access to your new lawn, if you want to save on water costs during establishment…
Landscapers: If you want the best results without the need for your clients to religiously water their lawn during establishment (or the risk that it isn’t getting watered)…
Schools, Councils & Businesses: If you want the least down time for your area and need instant access for play, the public, or events…

We recommend a quick site visit and discussion to be sure you’re going to get the best value out of the Bullseye Instant Real Lawn System.

Just a small amount extra per square metre added to your grass of choice.

What you’re paying for:

The special blend organic soil that comes with your lawn in which your new lawn is fully established.
The harvesting and installation demands.

What you’re saving:
Time required not using your lawn during the establishment period.
Costs associated with the water requirements of typically laid new grass.
Our ecosystem.

Musturf is a fully accredited turf supplier through AusGAP Certified and a fully accredited turf supplier with Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA).
With every purchase of Sir Grange through Musturf, you’re issued with an LSA Product Warranty Certificate and will be covered by LSA’s nationwide warranty. This means you can be sure your Sir Grange:
is genuine, 100% genetically pure Sir Grange Zoysia grass;
has been grown and harvested to strict Australian standards;
has been freshly cut off the turf farm;
has been inspected on harvest;
has been determined to be weed-free;
has been determined to be disease-free;
will perform to its full potential in its new environment*.
* subject to installation and care conditions.
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