Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass is Australia’s number one choice for a lush garden that is easy to maintain. Its ability to create deep root systems without needing a lot of water enables it to survive the high temperatures experienced during the Summer months. And, given that its roots serve to bind the soil more effectively, you don’t need to worry about it being blown away in the event of high winds, or washed away should a sudden downpour hit.

$11 per sqm

tiftuf bermuda couch

TifTuf Bermuda

Tiftuf is a grass species that has been carefully and meticulously researched and developed over the course of 25 years at the prestigious University of Georgia and here at Musturf we consider it the top choice of grass that we would encourage any of our customers to acquire.At Musturf, we love Tiftuf grass because of its amazing ability to tolerate drought. While many strains of grass may go dormant, this high-quality choice will resist and deliver superior colour and density throughout the year. That’s right, regardless of the time of year, you can install Tiftuf and not have to worry about it failing. 

$12 per sqm

Sir Grange Zoysia

Sir Grange really earns its stripes is in terms of its exceptional levels of tolerance to drought, shade and how well it resists wear and tear. It is more and more frequently being seen on golf courses around the world for these reasons alone, and any time you drive by a home that has a particularly eye-catching lawn, there’s a strong possibility that you’re appreciating the beauty of Sir Grange. In terms of care and maintenance, the good news is that it does not require that much water, with some studies showing that it needs less than Sir Walter Buffalo. And, even in warm dry climates and challenging heat, it will maintain its luscious deep colour.

$25 per sqm

Nullarbor Couch Musturf

Nullarbor Couch

Couch grass is a superb choice for anyone that is perhaps hoping to achieve fast growth and coverage without having to spend the big bucks. One of the main benefits associated with couch is its ability to grow and recover quickly. It is one of the ideal choices for those that have a patch of ground that they want to transform from dull dirt to lush greenery without having to wait an inordinate amount of time. This makes it an exceptionally smart choice for those that have large areas to cover, such as public areas or parks.

$6.30 per sqm

Eureka Kikuyu Musturf

Eureka Kikuyu

Kikuyu grass suits Australia, it’s as simple as that. It has become a popular choice of grass species over the past few years. The reasons why are many, but one the primary must be the fact that it thrives in warm and moist conditions, and survives extremely well in high temperatures.It establishes very quickly and will grow at incredibly fast rates. As such, those that need a quick solution that will improve the aesthetics of their property turn to this choice time and time again. What’s more, in terms of resilience to traffic, Kikuyu grass is exceptionally strong.

$6 per sqm

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