The History of Musturf

By Patrick Muscat | September 30th 2019

Musturf is a modern business made up of lawn care professionals created from a shared desire – Australians’ and ours – to green up Australia, one lawn at a time.

The Real Turfgrass Trend

Since the later part of 2016 and throughout 2017, turf orders through our sister company, Green Life Turf, and turf grower and supplier companies they’re affiliated with through Lawn Solutions Australia, have been steadily rising. The decision to install real turfgrass over cement, synthetic grass, a bare area, or as a feature has become more and more on trend, especially with the pro-active benefits real lawn has for our environment and our own health and well-being.

And studies are showing there is no sign of that trend slowing down.


The Musturf dream was originally conceived to service the heightened demand from Australians for the installation of a natural, robust and beautiful lawn for their outdoor areas. Somewhere to play, somewhere to socialise, somewhere to relax… 

But as we analysed what our lawn-loving customers were saying, we knew we needed to solve more problems than just that. We needed to be able to offer lawn care products and lawn care services – from projects, to maintenance programs, to emergency lawn services – so that lawns remained in beautiful condition, and customers were able to enjoy it for all the reasons they chose a real lawn in the first place, all without the worry, time and energy it would take to maintain the lawn themselves.

Musturf’s Purpose

Same as all ethical businesses, we sat around a boardroom to discuss our purpose and our values:

We aim to provide only the best in turf, lawn care products, lawn care services, and franchising opportunities.

For lawn lovers, we aim to give you back your time so you can fall back in love with your outdoor space.

For lawn care specialists – our franchisees, we aim to give you the infrastructure, support and expertise you need to grow your own lawn care business and to be successful.

For our country, we aim to green up Australia, creating a magnificent landscape, rich in beauty and health and well-being benefits for us, for all we share our land with, and our environment.

For our planet, we aim to actively contribute to the recovery of our environment through the installation and upkeep of healthy, natural turf grasses, and pro-environmental behaviours and practices.

Health & Environmental Benefits of Natural Turfgrass 

With lawn varieties available today that are incredibly drought tolerant, we no longer need to be so concerned with water usage for the upkeep of lawns. Instead, we’re left with an overwhelming case for natural, real turfgrass:

  • Purifies our air. Turfgrasses help cleanse our air of dust, dirt, pollens and many other common impurities.
  • Traps carbon. Lawns capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere thereby reducing greenhouse gasses.
  • Generates oxygen. About 190m2 generates the entire daily oxygen needs for one adult!
  • Cooling properties. Air temperature over lawn areas stays significantly cooler than that over concrete or asphalt, which impacts surrounding homes and buildings, reducing the need for extra cooling indoors.
  • Improves quality of ground water. By breaking down pollutants as rainwater moves through the grass and soil, we reduce acidic contamination of our bodies of water.
  • Less water waste. Storm water becomes trapped in the grass and absorbed into the soil so that water flow and wastage into our storm water system is significantly reduced.
  • Less sound pollution. Lawn absorb noise; a great little barrier to busy motorways or noisy neighbours.
  • Natural, ready-made compost. Lawn clippings left to decompose on lawn is a cost-free and natural way to provide added nutrients and increased beneficial micro-organisms.
  • Glare reduction. Yes, there are even benefits to our vision, comfort and general eye health.
  • Recreational bliss. Well-maintained lawns are beautiful, resilient and clean places to play sports, picnic, socialise, and relax.
  • Improvements to our well-being. Studies have shown that natural outdoor greenery reduces stress and muscle tension, lowers blood pressure, improves attention and increases feelings of happiness. Add a game of fetch with the loved ones and the dog, and your world is pure bliss!

How Can We Help? Musturf Services 

We offer a range of services including:

  • Turf installation.
  • Tailored lawn care maintenance programs.
  • Commercial lawn care programs.
  • Lawn care projects.
  • Lawn care emergency services.
  • Lawn care products.
  • Lawn care franchising opportunities.

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