Quality Turf Delivered On Time With Trade Pricing

Premium-Quality Turf That’s Free From Weeds Or Pests And Delivered On-Time – Guaranteed!

Looking for a reliable turf supplier who delivers on time, every time? Who supplies the highest-quality, genetically-pure turf in the industry – and is willing to stand behind their service and guarantee it? Then look no further. Musturf is NSW’s premier turf supply, installation and maintenance provider.

Whether you want premium quality turf at wholesale prices, need us to complete a turf installation project of any size, or even perform ongoing maintenance for your client – we have you covered. We have over 17 years’ experience in turf farming and supply and value long-term business relationships with local trades.

100% Genetically Pure Turf That Gives Your Clients An Amazing Showpiece Lawn

Have you ever ordered turf from a supplier only to have it show up looking dry, yellow and dying? Or when you go to lay the turf, half the rolls are full of disease? It doesn’t reflect well in front of your clients does it? You will NEVER have this problem with the turf you order from Musturf – we guarantee it.

We use unique, eco-friendly growing methods are strict fertilization schedules which ensure we always produce 100% genetically pure turf. You’ll blow your clients away with the outstanding, luscious finish you achieve which leads to more referrals for your business.

We Go The Extra Mile To Ensure You Receive Exceptional After-Sales Service

When completing a turf installation for your clients, there’s usually 5 things you’re looking for. No-fuss service, wholesale prices, fast delivery, premium-grade turf and exceptional aftersales care. We take great pride in meeting every one of these requirements for our wholesale clients.

You won’t be left wondering what to do next or when the turf will be delivered – and you can be certain we won’t just disappear once the turf has been laid. We’re always happy to answer any questions and properly maintain the turf afterwards to ensure it thrives and your clients are happy.

5 Simple Reasons Why You Should Choose Musturf As Your Turf Supplier

1) 100% Genetically Pure Turf

You can be certain you’re getting the turf you paid for because every grass species we farm, supply or install is guaranteed to be 100% genetically pure.

2) Guaranteed To Be Lush, Green And Healthy

The turf you order from us is guaranteed to be 12-month mature and free from weeds, pests and disease or we’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

3) 10-Year Warranty On All Turf Supplied

We are award-winning LSA members which means all our turf comes complete with a 10-year warranty – guaranteeing it’s quality and performance.

4) Turf Delivered On Time – Guaranteed

You can rest assured your turf will arrive before the agreed upon delivery time.

5) Exclusive Wholesale Trade Prices

You’ll have exclusive access to wholesale prices only for our trade partners which keeps your overheads lower and your projects more profitable.

Choose From Our Vast Range Of Different Grass Species At Wholesale Trade Prices

Whatever grass type you have in mind for your clients, chances are we have it. We grow all the major species that thrive in Australian climates such as Sir Walter DNA Certified, Eureka Kikuyu, Sir Grange Zoysia, Tiftuf, Nullarbor Couch and so much more.

If you need advice on what species would be suitable for your clients we’re happy to help – all you need to do is give us a call. Alternatively, you can browse our full range of different grass types, their different qualities and pricing information below.

Don’t Risk Your Reputation With A Cheap And Nasty Turf Farm That Lets You Down

Have you been disappointed by a turf supplier before? Unfortunately, this is all too common in our industry – and when it happens it reflects badly on YOUR business too. No-one wants to have their landscaping project pushed back because the turf isn’t delivered on time or arrives looking yellow and dry.

You don’t have to put up with this any longer, though. Musturf gives you 100% genetically pure and healthy turf – delivered on time, every single time.

Why Choose Musturf Over Other Turf Farms?

At Musturf, we are committed to bringing you the highest-quality turf and best customer service in the business. Our unique, environmentally friendly growing methods and strict fertilization schedule means we consistently produce premium turf. We’re also one of Australia’s only certified turf growers who also installs and maintains our products for you. See for yourself why Musturf is your best option:

Why Choose Musturf Over Other Turf Suppliers?

At Musturf, we are committed to bringing you the highest-quality turf and best customer service in the business. Our unique, environmentally friendly growing methods and strict fertilisation schedule means we consistently produce premium turf. We’re also one of Australia’s only certified turf growers who also installs and maintains our products for you. By choosing Musturf, you are effectively cutting out the middle man and saving yourself both time and money. See for yourself why Musturf is your best option:

Standard Turf Suppliers
LSA Member
Standard Turf Suppliers
AusGap Certified
Standard Turf Suppliers
Genetically Pure Turf
Standard Turf Suppliers
Supply, Installation And Maintenance
Standard Turf Suppliers
10-Year Product Warranty
Standard Turf Suppliers
Next Day Delivery
Standard Turf Suppliers
Money-Back Guarantee
Standard Turf Suppliers
LSA Award-Winning Service
Standard Turf Suppliers
Direct From The Farm
Standard Turf Suppliers

Still Not Sure About Something? Here Are The Questions We Get Asked The Most By Our Clients

We supply 2 different sizes. Standard rolls are W 600mm x L 1700mm. Maxi rolls are W 610mm x L 40M.

Standard rolls contain 1m2. Maxi rolls contain 25m2.

Please contact us for your trade pricing

Next day delivery.

Sir Walter DNA certified gives you genuine sir Walter in the purist form with no cross breeding to ensure it is disease and pest free and backed by a 10 year warranty.

Lawn Solutions Australia’s unique 10 Year Lawn Warranty certifies that turf supplied by a Lawn Solutions Australia member has been grown and harvested to stringent standards. That it has been inspected upon harvesting (according to our policy and guidelines) to be free of weeds and disease before delivering, is freshly cut, and, for a period of 10 years from instalment, will perform to its maximum potential in its new environment (subject to conditions). No other turf supplier in Australia can offer this same guarantee of quality. Please note that while we are 100% committed to our products and have the utmost faith in them, it is essential to follow the laying and care instructions supplied by your Lawn Solutions Australia supplier at the time of purchase.

12-20kgs depending on moisture conditions.

Absolutely, winter is actually a great time to lay your turf – here’s why:

  1. Winters cooler months means your turf is not under as much heat stress causing it to wither.
  2. It doesn’t require as much water as warmer months.
  3. Installing turf now means it’s established for spring!

Can be anywhere between 20-30mm depending on the variety.

Yes, absolutely. We can help you with all aspects of lawn supply, delivery, installation and maintenance!

The Unbreakable Musturf Double Guarantee

We stand behind our service and the quality of our turf 100%, which is why you’ll always be covered by our unbreakable double guarantee – here’s how it works:

The ‘On Time Every Time’Guarantee

Here at Musturf, we know that you have strict deadlines to meet - just like we do. That is why we commit to delivering turf to our trade clients on-time, every time.

The Musturf 100% Quality Guarantee

Since we grow the turf ourselves, we have full control over the quality, including making sure there are no pests or weeds - and we would never send out turf to our customers that isn’t of the highest quality.

Hear What These Landscape Gardeners Say About Their Musturf Experience

Had a great experience with Musturf. Both Jason and Patrick were easy to deal with. They are both honest and reliable. I would recommend Musturf to anyone who is looking for a good priced turf, and excellent service. All the best guys! Sam
I was a green keeper for 12 years and bought Tiftuf for my home lawn as it was recommended by a few industry peers as well as the team at Musturf. I am very happy with the quality of the rolls. All the rolls were perfect, no damage, no dry rolls. Perfect rolls and quality service and advice. I would definitely recommend. Mark
We love the grass, it is perfect!! So lush and green. We can't believe how wonderful it is. Thank-you so much Jason and team. Felicity
Musturf are sensational. They show a great level of expertise from start to finish. Thanks heaps... Bobby
The people from Musturf were able to provide us with a very competitive quote and got the job done very quickly and efficiently. Elayne

A Turf Company You Can Rely On

Are you looking for an affordable, reliable and high-quality turf supplier?

Here at Musturf, we specialise in growing and supplying the highest quality turf in New South Wales for a wide range of projects. Since we grow the turf ourselves, we can control the quality – and we only provide the best.

We understand that you need your turf delivered on time, with the best quality, exceptional after sales service and trade prices – and that’s where we come in.


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