Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo


714 in stock


714 in stock


DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is Australia’s number one choice for a lush garden that is easy to maintain. Its ability to create deep root systems without needing a lot of water enables it to survive the high temperatures experienced during the Summer months.

And, given that its roots serve to bind the soil more effectively, you don’t need to worry about it being blown away in the event of high winds, or washed away should a sudden downpour hit.

Sir Walter Buffalo is cultivated right here in Australia, with over 60 million metres of sold across Australia (the equivalent of about 450,000 homes!), Sir Walter Buffalo Turf is truly an Aussie hero.

We offer next day delivery on Sir Walter Buffalo Grass in Sydney, and we can also help you install and maintain your new lawn!

Further Information

Sir Walter Buffalo Turf is the perfect all-rounder grass and is Australia’s number one selling Buffalo Grass.

Here at Musturf, we supply genetically pure Sir Walter Buffalo Turf throughout Sydney direct from our farm, where we grow and harvest it to the highest standards. No matter what your budget is or the size of your project, we’re more than happy to help with your turf and grass supplies as well as installation. All of our grass and turf has been extensively researched and fully tested on Australian soil to ensure that it delivers the best results possible.

As we’re a member of the Lawn Solutions Australia(LSA), with every purchase of Sir Walter Buffalo, you’ll receive an LSA Certificate of Warranty that ensures that you’ll be receiving Sir Walter Buffalo DNA Certified Turf. As we’re AUSGap and LSA certified – the 100% genetically pure buffalo grass you’ll be buying from us would have been grown and harvested according to strict Australian standards, has been inspected to be free of weed and diseases, has been freshly cut from the turf farm and most importantly, will come with a ten-year warranty.

Turf Features

Sir Walter Buffalo has high drought resistance

Sir Walter Buffalo Turf has a high tolerance to drought.

Sir Walter has up to 75% shade tolerance

Compared to other lawn varieties, Sir Walter Buffalo is more shade tolerant due to its broader leaves – having up to 75% shade tolerance!

Buffalo Turf has broad leaves

Compared to many other turfs, Buffalo Grass has a broader leaf blade.

Sir Walter turf has high wear tolerance

DNA Certified Sir Walter Turf has a high wear tolerance.

Very low maintenance is required for buffalo turf

Sir Walter Buffalo Turf is able to quickly repair itself if it’s damaged and therefore requires very low maintenance compared to other grass varieties.

Buffalo turf is economic and budget friendly

Buffalo Turf is an affordable turf for Australian home-owners looking for quality grass.

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