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Quality is important no matter what industry you engage with. It is especially important when the services you seek stand to benefit many people as opposed to just you. Those that are responsible for sports fields, public green areas and golf courses will appreciate the need for professional advice and services whenever they start to plan changes to the properties that they are responsible for.

Turf Laying Services for Central Coast Residents

For turf laying on the Central Coast, the team here at Musturf offer a wealth of experience, expertise and a dedication to quality above all else. We have been working in this industry for almost two decades. In that time we have acquired a range of skill-sets, which include turf laying.

Primarily we endeavour to grow the best possible turf grasses available in Australia and our reputation is quickly spreading thanks to the positive reviews and testimonials our past customers we kind enough to give us.

All of the turfs that we supply are grown on our farm to strict quality control standards, which have resulted in an AusGAP certification, which speaks to their genetic purity. Furthermore, we are so confident of the turf that we supply and install that all of it comes with a 10-year LSA product warranty.

Why Professional Turf Laying Installation Matters

When a major piece of land needs to be covered quickly with high-grade turf that will yield stunning grass and provide a perfect surface on which competitions or high volumes of traffic will be endured, then it is essential to install it properly at the outset.

Sports fields and golf courses must be smooth, they must provide the optimal surface on which play will take place and so it is never advisable to simply source the turf to achieve this. Having the support and professional eye of a team that has completed such work on many occasions is essential.

The team here at Musturf are highly adept in terms of preparing the site, laying turf, fertilising it and then completing the process by cleaning the area so that what remains once we have left is a perfect lawn or field or green area that has been put in place to serve the purpose that it is intended for.

With regards to turf laying on the Central Coast, there are, of course, considerations in terms of the kind of grass that will suit the environment that it will be grown. What’s more, some grass varieties have better properties and are more naturally suited to sports, or high-impact activity, whereas others provide a softer cushion that might be better suited to public parks.

Regardless of what your needs are, rest assured that here at Musturf, we can provide you with an obligation-free quote that will enable you to determine the cost of acquiring turf, as well as securing our expert turf laying services.

Achieve a Smoother, Greener Turf Laying Surface Today

We always recommend to our customers that they should lay their turf as soon as possible once it has been delivered. The easiest way to achieve this is to retain our services for the installation as well as the supply. That way you have a team that has extensive experience working with those specific turf varieties completing the work in a manner that will promote the best growth and deliver the optimal finish.

So, if you have a major project on your hands or a sports field that needs an upgrade, or a golf course that could use a smoother, greener surface that will withstand the extremes of the Australian climate, rest assured that the team here at Musturf has everything you need. Access the best turf and turf laying service the Central Coast has to offer today.

Musturf is Sydney’s premier turf & grass supplies provider. We provide Stadium Turf, Sir Walter Buffalo Turf, Kikuyu grass, Couch grass, Tiftuf grass, just to name a few! We service the Central Coast, Windsor, Newcastle, Wollongong, Hunter Valley and many more locations across NSW.

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Our Services

Turf Supply

We grow and supply a range of the very best turf, harvested fresh to every order, all with a 10-year LSA product warranty. Available for pick up from the Musturf farm, or delivered to you right to your job!

Turf Installation

We can help you decide which is the right variety of turf for your needs and your area. We’ll measure and quote, excavate the area, prepare your soil, lay your turf, and clean up afterwards!

Lawn Care Maintenance

We’ll maintain your lawn with everything it needs to be healthy and stay beautiful. Mowing, edging, top dressing, fertilising, lawn repair, weed, pest and disease control, advice, solutions. Everything.

Lawn Care Projects

Got a special occasion coming up? Selling up and need a lawn makeover? Or just have some emergency lawn care concerns? We’ll come out and make that lawn the envy of all your guests and visitors!

Commercial Lawn Care

Responsible for maintaining lawns on properties, fields or other land? Choose a Musturf commercial lawn care maintenance program covering everything your lawn needs to stay… well, perfect!

Lawn Care Products

“Oils ain’t oils” and neither are all lawn care products. We can help you choose the very best in lawn care products that are right for your lawn type, your area and environment, and any other unique lawn condition.

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