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There are plenty of instances where a large amount of turf grass will be required. Golf courses, football fields and public areas all require a revamp from time to time, and for such high traffic areas that experience a lot of traffic, wear and tear and often high impact activity, it is essential to seek out a supplier that can deliver exceptional solutions that will withstand all of this and the Australian climate.

Wholesale Turf Grass in Australia

Here at Musturf, we offer wholesale turf grass that comes directly from our farm, where it is grown with love. We don’t just limit our service to growth and supply, though, instead, we endeavour to deliver a comprehensive range of services that will perfectly complement the wonderful grass varieties that our customers can expect.

Delivery is a given, but our team are also professionals when it comes to installing your new turf, maintaining it, creating programs for those that will care for it and backing all of this up with after-sales service and advice that will ensure that you have the best of information as and when you need it.

A 10-year warranty comes as standard on all of the grass varieties that we produce and with AusGAP certification granted for our farm, this ensures that you receive turf grasses that are genetically pure.

Grass Varieties Tailored to the Australian Climate

When it comes to acquiring wholesale turf grass one of the key concerns that any buyer will have, and will need to have addressed, is whether the varieties that they are looking at will tolerate the environment that it is intended for.

At Musturf, all of our turf varieties have been globally researched and they have also been extensively tested on Australian soil. Regardless of which one you are interested in, we have created a handy rating system so that you can, at a glance, see how we think each one performs in the relevant categories that will test and determine its worth.

Rest assured, however, that as growers we adhere to a strict fertility program for all of our grass varieties. This is in keeping with our commitment to eco-friendly methods, environmental protection and sustainability. We have found that this approach has enabled us to grow some of the strongest, healthiest and most vibrant green grass that can be found in Australia.

Those that are planning to acquire a lot of soil to cover an extensive plot of earth benefit from sourcing their chosen variety from a wholesale turf grass supplier that is cut fresh from their farm and can be delivered in a prompt manner.

At Musturf, this is a high priority for us, because we want you to get your turf grass in the best possible condition so that once it is installed it will thrive.

Our Turf Grass Exceeds Expectations

No matter what your requirements are, we encourage you to complete the free quote form online so that one of our lawn care specialists can get in touch and determine exactly what we can offer and the relevant price.

Over 250 satisfied customers currently benefit from the work that we have done and are enjoying the high-quality wholesale turf that they receive from us, and we invite you to read some of their reviews and testimonials on our site. We look forward to working with you and creating beautiful green spaces that exceed expectations.

Musturf is Sydney’s premier turf & grass supplies provider. We provide Stadium Turf, Sir Walter Buffalo Turf, Kikuyu grass, Couch grass, Tiftuf grass, just to name a few! We service the Central Coast, Windsor, Newcastle, Wollongong, Hunter Valley and many more locations across NSW.

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Sir Walter DNA Certified Features

Drought Resistance
Wear Tolerance
Shade Tolerance
Maintenance Required
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An Australian Icon

Sir Walter DNA Certified was cultivated right here in Australia. With over 60 million metres of sold across Australia (the equivalent of about 450,000 homes!), Sir Walter DNA Certified is truly an Aussie hero.

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Low Allergenic, Child & Pet Friendly

Your Sir Walter DNA Certified buffalo grass will love your kids and pets almost as much as they’ll love your Sir Walter. Soft-leaves, weed resistant (including the nasty bindii!), and one of the lowest allergenic grasses available today!

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10-Year Product Warranty

With every purchase of Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo through Musturf, you’re issued with a Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA) Product Warranty Certificate and will be covered by LSA’s nationwide warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

A luxurious green!
Want to see for yourself? Why not book a visit to our turf farm?!

Sir Walter DNA Certified grows a strong, broad leaf blade that’s soft and lush to play on.

Sir Walter grows at a medium rate, thick and dense, making it an exceptional choice for kids, pets and sports!

It requires minimal maintenance. It will need slightly more mowing than slow-growing grasses, but it is weed resistant and self-repair

Sir Walter DNA Certified has a medium growth rate, yet still requires less mowing than most other common turf varieties.
If you’re looking for a grass type with even less mowing required, take a look at our Sir Grange Zoysia or TifTuf Bermuda varieties.

For the best results, we recommend giving your lawn a feed of fertiliser at the beginning of each season.

Sir Walter DNA Certified is weed resistant and self repairing. We do however live in a environment with lawn grub and pest outbreaks, so we recommend keeping an eye out for signs of them and treating immediately.

No, Sir Walter DNA Certified loves kids and pets and parties and sports. Just try to keep the impurities like pet urine down

Probably not! Sir Walter DNA Certified has a high shade tolerance due to its broad leaves that photosynthesise well. It only needs three hours direct sunlight per day!

Definitely not! Sir Walter loves the sun too!

Sir Walter DNA Certified tolerates extreme heat, and extreme frost, and everything in between.

Absolutely! It has a high level of tolerance of drought. Its roots grow deep in to the soil which helps it find water even in high drought areas and seasons.

It’s highly likely! Sir Grange is super robust and self repairing, with low maintenance, high wear and drought tolerance. It really is the great Australian all-rounder – you can love your Sir Walter DNA Certified almost anywhere!

Sir Walter DNA Certified is a high performing, all-rounder, true-blue Aussie lawn at true-blue, fair dinkum Aussie prices!
Obligation-free, of course!

AusGAP Certified & LSA Accredited Grower

Musturf is a fully accredited turf supplier through AusGAP Certified and a fully accredited turf supplier with Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA).

With every purchase of Sir Walter DNA Certified through Musturf, you’re issued with an LSA Product Warranty Certificate and will be covered by LSA’s nationwide warranty. This means you can be sure your Sir Walter DNA Certified:

is genuine, 100% genetically pure Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo grass;
has been grown and harvested to strict Australian standards;
has been freshly cut off the turf farm;
has been inspected on harvest;
has been determined to be weed-free;
has been determined to be disease-free;
will perform to its full potential in its new environment*.
* subject to installation and care conditions.

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How Sir Walter Turf Compares

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