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We are trained and experienced in low maintenance lawn & grass care needs. We can be as visible or invisible as your job requires, and we’re always professional and courteous.

Countless people believe that in a choice between artificial grass and natural grass, artificial offers many more cost savings over time.

It has the benefit of looking good without requiring any real care or attention in order to achieve growth, since it remains the same all the time, and the time required to achieve a complete lawn or playing field is faster. But, while the simulation of grass works aesthetically, artificial products fail to deliver the organic benefits that stem from nature. Read More

Turf Supplies on the Central Coast

Turf supplies for the Central Coast are accessible via the team here at Musturf. We grow locally, bringing the best of turfgrasses to the market and offer a best in service choice for those that want to get lawns that are vibrant and reliable all year round as their artificial counterparts are.

A Superior Approach to Natural Grass Production and Turf Supply in Central Coast, NSW

In order to deliver and exceed your expectations, we grow grass varieties that have been globally researched and that have been extensively tested across all Australian soils and climate conditions. This affords us the kind of knowledge you require when you seek out the best of turf products from us.

We will be able to assist you in choosing the appropriate grass that will best match your specific requirements, and we can also work with you in terms of meeting budgetary needs, or if you need someone to install or create the perfect lawn care maintenance program.

Those that need turf supplies on the Central Coast will require a variety of different options in terms of grass. At Musturf, our grass varieties include the following:

  • Sir Grange Zoysia: this is a premium product that achieves among, if not, the best results compared to all other grasses.
  • TifTuf Bermuda: is low maintenance, high tolerance choice.
  • Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo: is an Australian favourite that has proven its durability and tolerance time and time again.
  • Nullarbor Couch: this is one of the better choices for those that are seeking options for sports fields.
  • Eureka Kikuyu: is the go-to choice for those that need to achieve fast growth on a budget.

In choosing the team here at Musturf, you can feel confident in the knowledge that every variety of turf that we sell and supply is grown in accordance with a strict fertility program. We are absolutely committed to making the planet a little greener and reducing the carbon footprint whenever we can.

To this end, we only use environmentally friendly premium quality products and reduce our use of chemicals to produce grass and turf that is of the strongest and healthiest variety that you can expect to find in Australia.

Quality and Professionalism in Everything We Do Using Only Premium Turf Supplies

Here at Musturf, since we started out as a business in 2018, we have served over 250 customers, and you are invited to read some of the testimonials here on the sight to get a sense of the high level of quality and professionalism that we achieve.

We are also flexible in terms of how you wish to receive your order. Deliveries take place Monday to Saturday, and orders received prior to midday can often be completed on the next day. What’s more, those that wish to drop out to our farm to collect can arrange that, too.

For Quality Turf Supplies in the Central Coast, Musturf is the Answer

Having turf installed in a garden or commercial space can make a huge impact on its appearance. Grass can give it that finished look and can turn a space from looking like a building site into one that is a garden to be enjoyed.

Musturf have all your turf supplies in Central Coast and offer many different services along with supplying your turf for your domestic or commercial space. We can also prepare the ground and soil, install your chosen turf and maintain your new lawn.

Why choose Musturf for Your Turf Supplies in the Central Coast?

At Musturf, we know that it is not just the varieties that we grow with expertise that make us stand apart from the competition. It goes beyond that and comes down to the service we provide, ensuring that you, the customer, are happy at every stage in the process. As Mike and Maria Lahm said: “They kept us informed through the whole process, and it all went along without a hitch.”

It all starts with an initial meeting where will help you to decide upon the best variety of grass to suit your space, lifestyle and budget.

At Musturf, we are proud to boast that every type of turf we sell comes with a Lawn Solutions Australia 10-year warranty. This means that you can be confident that you are getting turf that has been grown to the strictest standards and is guaranteed to be weed and disease-free when it is delivered to you. As everyone who has ever done a bit of gardening knows, weeds and disease can really ruin the look of your lawn. As long as you follow the laying and care instructions that come with your turf, you can expect your lawn to look beautiful year after year.

As Don and Helen Taylor said in their review, our “expert preparation and laying” is helping their lawn to grow beautifully. At Musturf, we never underestimate the impact the preparation can have before laying turf. We know how important it is to get this foundation right, ensuring the soil is prepared and ready to take on the roots from the chosen turf. Preparing for turfing is often hard work, but one that we never shirk from.

When we install your turf for you, we are proud that our customer reviews comment on our “clean and neat working” and the “skill, service and support” provided by Musturf. We always strive to ensure we not only meet but exceed your expectations. We follow all the correct procedures, meaning that you are left with a beautiful looking lawn.

When our job on-site is done, we are not finished. We ensure we make follow-up calls to you to check you are satisfied with your job.

Should you require it, we can also support you with a maintenance program for your new lawn, and this can include regular mowing, disease, weed and pest control, edging, fertilising and many more services.

Musturf: the best choice for your lawn

Join hundreds of happy customers with turfing solutions from Musturf and enjoy transforming your outside space.

So, if you need turf supplies on the Central Coast, look no further than right here at Musturf. A free quote is yours to claim today, so get in touch and let’s make your world a little greener.

Musturf is Sydney’s premier turf & grass supplies provider. We provide Stadium Turf, Sir Walter Buffalo Turf, Kikuyu grass, Couch grass, Tiftuf grass, just to name a few! We service the Central Coast, Windsor, Newcastle, Wollongong, Hunter Valley and many more locations across NSW.

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Our Services

Turf Supply

We grow and supply a range of the very best turf, harvested fresh to every order, all with a 10-year LSA product warranty. Available for pick up from the Musturf farm, or delivered to you right to your job!

Turf Installation

We can help you decide which is the right variety of turf for your needs and your area. We’ll measure and quote, excavate the area, prepare your soil, lay your turf, and clean up afterwards!

Lawn Care Maintenance

We’ll maintain your lawn with everything it needs to be healthy and stay beautiful. Mowing, edging, top dressing, fertilising, lawn repair, weed, pest and disease control, advice, solutions. Everything.

Lawn Care Projects

Got a special occasion coming up? Selling up and need a lawn makeover? Or just have some emergency lawn care concerns? We’ll come out and make that lawn the envy of all your guests and visitors!

Commercial Lawn Care

Responsible for maintaining lawns on properties, fields or other land? Choose a Musturf commercial lawn care maintenance program covering everything your lawn needs to stay… well, perfect!

Lawn Care Products

“Oils ain’t oils” and neither are all lawn care products. We can help you choose the very best in lawn care products that are right for your lawn type, your area and environment, and any other unique lawn condition.

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