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Why Choose Musturf

We are trained and experienced in low maintenance lawn & grass care needs. We can be as visible or invisible as your job requires, and we’re always professional and courteous. Read More

Turf Supplies Delivered to Wollongong

Here at Musturf, we are Wollongong’s premier turf & grass supplies provider. We deliver turf supplies to Wollongong, and since 2018 we have spoken with customers that wished to upgrade the aesthetics of the home they plan to sell by installing a fresh, natural lawn.

How Grown Grass Works for Your Environment

At Musturf, we take pride in adhering to strict quality standards in the growth of all of the grass varieties that you can buy from us. Our AusGAP certification ensures their genetic purity and all of our customers benefit from a 10-year LSA product warranty.

No matter what project you undertake, the turf supplies we bring to Wollongong customers afford them environmentally positive knock-on effects. Grass is a natural air conditioner and can reduce the temperature by anywhere between 4 and 7 degrees Celsius. With enough coverage, this can afford urban areas a much-needed respite during high-temperature seasons.

Pollutants, including dust and smoke, are trapped by turf, not to mention the natural process of carbon absorption that grass carries out each and every day. The release of clean oxygen helps promote a healthier environment where grass grows and with the soil acting as a sponge when heavy rainwater or storm waters fall, this can deter particles that may contaminate from entering the local water supply.

A Superior Return Over Time using premium Turf Supplies Wollongong

As you can see, grown turf delivers major benefits when compared to an artificial lawn, not to mention that natural feel that the best artificial grass simply cannot match. There will always be some people that prefer artificial and may like to see it in place, but for the majority, the comfort, familiarity and possibilities that a real lawn holds are innumerable.

That said when you need turf supplies in Wollongong that will deliver aesthetically and improve the overall environment that you occupy, seek out the team here at Musturf. We look forward to assisting you in any way that we can.

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Our Services

Turf Supply

We grow and supply a range of the very best turf supplies Wollongong, harvested fresh to every order, all with a 10-year LSA product warranty. Available for pick up from the Musturf farm, or delivered to you right to your job!

Turf Installation

We can help you decide which is the right variety of turf for your needs and your area. We’ll measure and quote, excavate the area, prepare your soil, lay your turf, and clean up afterwards!

Lawn Care Maintenance

We’ll maintain your lawn with everything it needs to be healthy and stay beautiful. Mowing, edging, top dressing, fertilising, lawn repair, weed, pest and disease control, advice, solutions. Everything.

Lawn Care Projects

Got a special occasion coming up? Selling up and need a lawn makeover? Or just have some emergency lawn care concerns? We’ll come out and make that lawn the envy of all your guests and visitors!

Commercial Lawn Care

Responsible for maintaining lawns on properties, fields or other land? Choose a Musturf commercial lawn care maintenance program covering everything your lawn needs to stay… well, perfect!

Lawn Care Products

“Oils ain’t oils” and neither are all lawn care products. We can help you choose the very best in lawn care products that are right for your lawn type, your area and environment, and any other unique lawn condition.

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