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There are few negatives that come from having lawns or installing some greenery in your area. We are all caught up in the aesthetics of our homes and the value having a pristine lawn can bring, which not only allows you to feel proud about your home but gain a sense of completion once all the building is done. However, those that choose natural grass and turf over artificial alternatives stand to gain even more.

Turf Supplies for Windsor

Here at Musturf, we make turf supplies accessible to Windsor homeowners, commercial developers and anyone else that has a project on their hands that requires genuine, home-grown authentic turf.

Our business was established in 2018, some 17 plus years after we first started to work in the turf and grass industry. As such, we have a vast amount of experience and knowledge that our customers all stand to benefit from.

How Turf Keeps Your Environment Healthy

When you seek turf supplies in Windsor you will likely be lured by the prospect of investing in artificial turf and grass alternatives. However, while these are an aesthetically pleasing choice that have some positive features, they do not offer the same advantages to a community or property that the natural choice does.

Here in Australia, we experience plenty of extreme weather conditions. The sun beats down and tests our soil and grass for a large part of the year, but inclement weather conditions including downpours can often hit when we least expect it and have a detrimental effect not only on our day but on our environment.

However, with a grass lawn in place on top of a turf-bedding, storm waters are slowed down by its absorbent properties, which also act as a natural filter as it passes through. This has the positive effect of removing pollutants, particles and chemicals that may have runoff footpaths or elsewhere before the water passes from the urban area into the nearest water source.

Grass, of course, is wonderful in terms of reducing the overall presence of carbon in an area. It will absorb it and in turn release clean oxygen into the environment, while simultaneously acting as a natural air conditioner that can, in fact, reduce temperatures by as much as 4 to 7 degrees Celsius – a vital overall effect, particularly for those living in cities and built-up areas.

Helping You to Achieve More with the Best Turf Supplies

At Musturf, in our short operating time, we have made over 200 turf deliveries, completed over 135 turf installations, assisted with over 100 lawn care maintenance programs and gave over 250 customers that satisfied feeling that goes hand-in-hand with making a great investment.

Best of all, every turf order that we fulfil is backed by a 10-year LSA product warranty and a delivery to your door in a prompt, pallet-free and professional manner. We are also committed to sustainable methods and taking as many steps as possible to reducing our carbon footprint.

To this end, all of our turf varieties benefit from premium quality, environmentally friendly products that use fewer chemicals, so that what you receive is the very strongest and healthiest green grass.

Turf Supplies in Windsor

At Musturf, we are convinced that the benefits of having real, lush green grass far outweigh any benefits from artificial grass. There is something that is special about grass, and it creates a wholesome, organic look to your garden or commercial space.

Musturf’s turf supplies in Windsor offer you an unrivalled choice; we are growing experts and offer a choice of grass types to suit all budgets, lifestyles and environments.

Once your dream lawn has been installed, just how do you keep it looking as beautiful as the day it was laid?

How to look after your turf once it is installed

Like most things that are new, a little care and attention are needed to maintain your new lawn and keep it looking its best for years to come.

Water is crucial to any new lawn and this should become part of your routine. This is especially important in the summer months when the weather is naturally warmer. You do not want your new grass or the soil beneath it to dry out.

Give your lawn a gentle sprinkling once or twice a day. Every other day give your new grass a proper watering. Be mindful of the weather; if there is heavy rain, then you will not need to water the grass yourself, and you need to be careful that it does not become too saturated. In extremely hot weather, you may need to water more. You are also better to water early in the morning or later in the evening.

An easy way to see if your grass needs watering is to simply walk on it. If your grass springs back into shape after you have walked on it, then it does not need watering.

Before mowing your new grass, you need to wait for the roots to embed in your soil. This can take about 14-21 days; it will be faster in warmer temperatures and can be longer when the weather is colder. Once your grass is established, you can mow it regularly to keep it looking healthy.

We know how tempting it will be to run, play and sit on your new grass, but your turf will really appreciate being left alone for the first few weeks. Following these simple steps will ensure that you can enjoy your new grass in the future.

Musturf: offering you the complete package

The first few weeks after your turf is installed are vital for establishing your grass and setting it up for its long-term health. With Musturf, you have been provided with quality grass, so you can be confident that it will be with you for years to come.

At Musturf, along with preparing the ground and installing your new turf, we can also help you with your lawn maintenance should you require it. We offer mowing, weed, pest and disease control, edging and lots more. We are always on hand to offer you advice when you need it, so please call us if you have any questions about your new turf.

So, for turf supplies in Windsor, look no further than the expert team that can cater to all your needs and will help you achieve the most with your budget, right here at Musturf.

Musturf is Sydney’s premier turf & grass supplies provider. We provide Stadium Turf, Sir Walter Buffalo Turf, Kikuyu grass, Couch grass, Tiftuf grass, just to name a few! We service the Central Coast, Windsor, Newcastle, Wollongong, Hunter Valley and many more locations across NSW.

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We grow and supply a range of the very best turf, harvested fresh to every order, all with a 10-year LSA product warranty. Available for pick up from the Musturf farm, or delivered to you right to your job!

Turf Installation

We can help you decide which is the right variety of turf for your needs and your area. We’ll measure and quote, excavate the area, prepare your soil, lay your turf, and clean up afterwards!

Lawn Care Maintenance

We’ll maintain your lawn with everything it needs to be healthy and stay beautiful. Mowing, edging, top dressing, fertilising, lawn repair, weed, pest and disease control, advice, solutions. Everything.

Lawn Care Projects

Got a special occasion coming up? Selling up and need a lawn makeover? Or just have some emergency lawn care concerns? We’ll come out and make that lawn the envy of all your guests and visitors!

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Responsible for maintaining lawns on properties, fields or other land? Choose a Musturf commercial lawn care maintenance program covering everything your lawn needs to stay… well, perfect!

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“Oils ain’t oils” and neither are all lawn care products. We can help you choose the very best in lawn care products that are right for your lawn type, your area and environment, and any other unique lawn condition.

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